fredag 15. mars 2019

Celebrity Edge Kamanje Middelhavet 2019

Book a cruise on Celebrity Edge in the Mediterranean and get GO BEST (4 perks) included free of charge plus some extra savings!
Go Best  includes (for up to 2 guests per stateroom):
Premium Beverage Package
Onboard credit – 150 USD per person
Unlimited Internet (2 devices)
Prepaid service charges
Savings per person (1st and 2nd guests only) 
Ocean view and Veranda 2 000 SEK
Concierge Class and AquaClass 2 500 SEK
Suites 3 000 SEK
• 4 Free Perks (GOBEST) for Ocean view, Veranda, Concierge Class, AquaClass and Suites
• 50% Reduced Cruise Fare for additional guests 18 years and older (3rd/4th) in triple, quad, family staterooms
   in oceanview or higher

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